Saturday Training Rides

08/24/2019 All day
Repeat every week on Saturday until 11/30/2019
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The GMBC Saturday (VP) rides are longer rides compared to the evening training rides. Routes vary each week and often have significant climbs. Groups (12 or fewer) form based on estimated average speed. The emphasis is on sharing the road and riding responsibly while getting a good workout on the bike. Specifics for each ride (e.g. start time, weather, parking) are announced through the GMBC email list.

Are these rides for me? These rides are recommended for people with some experience riding in a group. Serious effort (within each individual’s ability) is expected, but these rides are for anyone who likes a good workout and is able to maintain at least a 15 mph average, i.e. non-racers welcome! The riders regroup at a few key points and usually try to avoid leaving anyone behind. If you want a faster, strictly racer/hammerhead ride, consider the Tuesday Evening Training Ride.  Another alternative for both fast riders who want a break from climbing App Gap, as well as riders who prefer a more moderate pace and distance are the Touring Rides (usually on Sundays). Touring rides typically become longer and have more climbing as the season progresses.

Start times vary during the year. Riding with front and rear lights is recommended all season.

Disclaimer: Ride at your own risk.  GMBC provides guidance on safe group riding and sharing the road, but assumes no liability.  It is your responsibility to know and adhere to Vermont laws.

GMBC is volunteer-based and sometimes volunteers cannot make the ride.  This may lead to groups not being formed and the lack of regrouping points on the ride.  We encourage you to talk before the ride, form groups, talk about safety and have a great ride!

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  • 03/04/2020 6:00 pm - 03/04/2020 7:00 pm

    During the winter months, GMBC offers free spin classes at Synergy Fitness in Williston, VT for club members. In 2020, the spins are on  Wednesdays starting on Jan 8th and ending on 4th March. Approximately 1 week before the spin class, an announcement will be made on the GMBC email list. Interested members must reply according to the instructions in the email and will be notified within a few days of their acceptance into the class or alternatively their position on the wait list. The class is first come (i.e. first answering the email notification), first served because only 15 seats are available at the fitness center. The classes are open to and suitable for club members of any level, beginner to advanced. If you are accepted, but later cannot use your seat, please notify the organizer so that individuals on the waiting list may be contacted.

    spin4-2017The class is a fun way to meet up with cycling friends in the winter. After each spin, members often refuel at a nearby pub. Hope to see you there!