Timer & Rider Info

Information for TT Riders and Timers
Instructions for Riders

Riding a bicycle on the road has inherent risks. You will be riding at your own risk and GMBC assumes no liability. All courses are open to traffic and you are responsible for obeying laws. Know the course, turns, intersections and dangerous spots — such as fast descents (be sure to view the course info by clicking on the course name in the schedule)

  • A helmet is mandatory at all times; eye protection is recommended.
  • NO riding two abreast at any time; it is legal in certain situations, but not at a TT.
  • Always ride on the right side of the travel lane so traffic can pass except for areas where riding in the lane is safest (such as fast descent).
  • Show up at least 1/2 hour prior to start of event so you can assemble your bike, sign-up and warm-up.
  • Read the Instructions for Timers below to learn more about the timing and how these TTs are run.

Entering the Event

  • Just show up. There is no online registration.
  • There will be a clip board floating around with a start sheet. Just put your name in a start position (1, 2, 3, 4…).
  • The number indicates your start position and this is the number of minutes after the watch starts that you will start (for example: “11” means you will leave at the 11-minute mark).


  • Riders will be in a line waiting to start. Show up at least one minute before your start time.
  • Stay on the grass-side of the orange cones used separate you from traffic.
  • At most courses you have the option to be held — it’s a little unnerving the first few times!
  • How not to miss your start time: start a timer when the official watch starts, and that way you’ll always know exactly how much time you have left.

While Competing

  • Use extreme caution at any turn-around points (if they exist in the course)
  • If you get held up by traffic at a turnaround point, let the timers know after your finish — your time will be adjusted by how much you think that you lost.


  • About 20 meters before your finish yell your start number to the timers so they can ID you.
  • Do not crowd the timers while riders are still finishing
Instructions for Timers
  • Please be familiar with the course and rules.
  • Enforce helmet usage – it’s mandatory at all times.
  • Keep riders on grass-side of orange cones at start area.
  • Remind riders they MUST RIDE SINGLE FILE at all times.
  • Riders who miss their start can go in the next free start-position–-just cross out their name and put it in the open slot, and tell them their new start position.
  • Remind riders to yell out their start position about 20 meters prior to finish.
  • Arrive at least 1/2 hour before event start-time.
  • The organizer will provide the gear and instructions. Sign-up sheet.
  • Sign-up: riders sign-up on the start/results sheet. The number to the left of their name indicates start position (for example: “3” means rider will leave 3-minutes after start of watch).
  • Starting the race: announce that you are about 1-minute from starting watch
  • Start Interval: 1-minute
  • During race: keep road clear at start/finish area(s) – we cannot be a burden to traffic (this is VERY IMPORTANT).

Recording results procedure

  • Before rider crosses the line, shout “NUMBER” to get their start position. If no number yelled, write in “?”, and if possible, note jersey color.
  • Record this in the right most column and record from the top down and by number yelled (example: 2, 1, 3, 4, 7, 5…).
  • Press SPLIT as rider crosses; the watch has a memory, so you can record when ready.
  • If several riders finish closely, press SPLIT for each one.
  • Be sure to press the button firmly.
  • The split is displayed on the watch. Click RECALL to access memory to see previous split times stored.
  • Each click on the RECALL button scrolls backwards from newest to oldest.
  • If a rider is finishing, no problem, just click SPLIT.
  • Round to the nearest second: 0.50 100ths or greater add 1 to second, otherwise use the second value on the watch.

Calculating and recording finish time

  • See example
  • Formula: Elapsed Time in Minutes – Start Position = Racer’s Individual Time      :53:03 minus 10 gives a finish time of :43:03:67:47 minus 17 gives a finish time of :50:47
  • Record in Finish Time field for the rider by cross-referencing start position yelled (this is to right of elapsed time) with Start Position in Middle column.
  • This is a little tricky. Helps leaving a finger on elapsed time and putting pen in target field.